5 Things You May Not Know About Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is an incredibly useful addition to any home or office. Not only can it be used to keep everyone cool on those long, glorious summer days, but there are also systems that can help to warm things up too.

You may think that you understand air conditioning, however, there are things that you may not realise about air conditioning, and that you may find interesting.

The beginnings of air conditioning

Air conditioning was first created by Willis Carrier. Rather than inventing this system as a way to keep properties and offices cool, it was actually created for publishers. Back in 1902, Willis thought up the earliest air conditioning systems as a way to combat the humidity in publishing houses in New York. Which were causing issues with paper contracting and expanding, as well as with ink control.

Ice Power

Back during those earliest days, the output that an air ventilation system had was measured in ice power. Not only does this sound pretty cool, but there was some method behind it. The rating was given as a comparison for how many blocks of ice it would take to have the same cooling effect as the unit was producing.

The first AC home

It may seem that having air conditioning in our homes is a relatively modern idea. However, the first home to feature air conditioning was a mansion in Minneapolis owned by Charles Gates. It was put in place in 1913, unfortunately for the owner, he died without ever having experienced the joy that air conditioning can bring.

AC for the big screen

One of the first places that people saw and experienced air conditioning was in cinemas. Cinemas invested in air conditioning systems as this meant that people would be tempted to come in and see the films that they were showing over the summer months.

Not just to keep us cool

Of course, air conditioning has the benefit of keeping people cool when they are at work, out and about or at home. However, there is so much more that this invention has been able to do. Without air conditioning, especially in hotter countries, many places wouldn’t be able to be used during the summer months. Such as schools. Not only this, but many pieces of equipment and even medicines, simply would not be in use if they did not have a cool environment to be kept in.

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