Air Conditioning; Not Just For Cold Air

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When you think of air conditioning, the first thing that you are likely to think about is cooling down a space. Whilst this is one of the best uses for an air conditioning unit, heating and ventilation actually go hand in hand. So, if you have a cold house that you feel could benefit from a spot of warming up then you might want to take a look at one of the many warm air heating and ventilation systems.

The types of warm air system

Much like cool air conditioning systems, there are quite a few choices to consider when picking a warm air system for your home or office. The majority of the systems work by pushing warm air around a ducted air conditioning system, however, the difference between them is how the air is warmed.

Gas-fired systems

As the name suggests, this particular system uses a gas flame to warm cold air. This usually takes place in a heat exchanger. Gas-fired systems are simple and they are usually effective and long-lasting too.

Air to air heat pumps

These particular systems work much the same as a standard air conditioning unit, however, as well as being able to cool a space with cold air, they also come with the ability to warm up the space with warmed air.

Heated ventilation

If you only have a small space to warm, you could consider using a heated ventilation system. These could be an air-to-air pump or perhaps a wet heat exchanger that runs from a boiler. Whichever approach it takes, one thing is for sure, this is only good when there is a minimal need for warmth.

Why use a warm air system?

There are a variety of reasons why a warm air system is a good idea for your home or office.

– They are quiet- depending on the quality of the ducted air conditioning you have installed, you can expect your warm air system to be practically silent when operating.
– They work and fast- a warm air system gets to work quickly which means that in no time at all you will start to feel the benefit of turning them on.
– You control them- of course you can control any form of heating system, however, the thing about warm air systems is that the controls are instant. If you turn of your central heating then your radiators will take around 30 minutes to actually cool down. A flick of a switch with a warm air system and the heat will stop coming out.

Warm air systems are efficient and effective. They don’t cost too much to install (depending on location and the size of the system that you need) and they work quickly when you need them to. Best of all, with a heating air conditioning system, you can not only warm up a space, but you can make sure that it is cool when you need it to be too.

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