What Are Air Handling Units?

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The air that we breathe when we are indoors is often not as clean as we would like it to be. Not only this, but it can be warm, stuffy and humid. This is the reason why many businesses and home-owners decide to install air conditioning. However, air conditioning is so much more then you may realise.

To give a better understanding of some of the components and terms that come with air conditioning, we have put together our quick guide to air handling units, what they are and what they do.

What is an air handling unit?

Air Handling Units or AHUs are there to ensure that a working environment is controlled. They are usually designed to be entirely bespoke and will offer up control of the heating, cooling, extraction and dehumidification of the air in a certain premises.

In most circumstances AHUs are connected to a ductwork ventilation system within a building. The air will travel through this system and then be delivered exactly what it needs to be. Everything is controlled using dedicated controls which will allow you to not only control the atmosphere and environment, but also the running costs of the building. Usually by reducing the energy that you need to use in order to keep the building cool or warm, as well as feeling fresh.

Why install an air handling unit?

Air handling units are definitely a great investment to make for your business. Not only do they ensure that the building, no matter who works there or what you do, is comfortable to be in. Air handling units keep the air cool and fresh, which means that your staff are going to feel happy to work there and that they feel that they are looked after by you.

You are also going to find that your energy bills are reduced. Particularly if you have it for both cooling and heating the space around you. AHUs are designed to not only be effective at what they do, but also do so using the minimal amount of energy too. This is going to help you to make sure that you save money, something that every business can benefit from in the long term.

Don’t wonder whether or not an AHU is going to be the right investment for you. Speak to an expert who can not only guide you on what system is going to be right for you, but also let you know more about the process that you can expect. Whilst it is going to cost in the short-term, one thing is for sure, in the long-term you are going to find that the benefits are a worthwhile return for the money that you have paid out.

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